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Bi Bi Black

The sex world is an ever changing place. More and more people are discovering things about themselves that they have never even imagined. Why will a straight guy suck another guys dick. Why does a woman feel the need to stick something in a man's butt. Is the world becoming more bisexual everyday, or are we crazy... I don't think so!!! This is the story of 4 buddies hangin' out by the pool one afternoon. They are so bored that the only natural thing for them to do is have sex, but the girls aren't there yet. That doesn't seem to matter. When the girls finally arrive, to their amazement and excitement, they find the men have started without them. They seem to think a woman can do everything a man can do and better... to have them tell it. Watch for yourselves.

Released:Jun 04, 2001
Studio: Bacchus
Length:1 h 16 min

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